About P & J

Justin and Peggy were born on different days, in different months, in different cities, yet both in 1977.

They were raised by their loving parents, strange siblings, and various pets while they went to their respective Oregon/Saudi Arabia K-12 schools.

From there they went to Oregon State University, where they met through friends & theatre. For the next 4 years they continued school, friends, and theatre, and through random acts of luck and careful planning they finally graduated; Justin: Major: Computer Engineering, Minor: Computer Science– Peggy: Major: Speech Communication,  Option: Theatre.

Then they both moved to the SillyCon Valley in California. It is rather a silly con, because you can get work and make some money there, but you will not be happy when doing it! And thus they moved back to Oregon, about a year later, choosing the lovely Rose City of Portland, where they have lived since.

From that point on they have had an exciting time of SCUBA Dving, traveling, buying and remodeling a house, getting married, raising and loving their deranged megalomanic dog Foster, choosing a new last name,  making/keeping/losing friends, and adding onto the ever interesting and growing list of odd-jobs/careers.

But, much of the time succeeding, they are always striving to be happy, as we all should be. Remember: Either Change it, or Stop Complaining.

XOXO, P & J Hawkwood

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