About Us

We, Peggy and Justin, were born on different days, in different months, in different cities, yet both in Oregon in 1977.

We were raised by loving parents, had strange (or were strange) siblings, and various pets as we individually wound our way through youth.

We both ended up at Oregon State University, where we eventually met through friends and theatre, and were nearly inseparable.  For the next few years we continued school, friends, and theatre, and through random acts of luck and careful planning we finally graduated; Justin with a Bachelor’s Of Science in Computer Engineering, minor in Computer Science, Peggy with a Bachelor’s Of Arts in Speech Communication, option in Theatre.

After college, we moved down to beautiful Sunnyvale, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, both getting jobs in our fields.  Unfortunately, while Sunnyvale was pleasant, it ended up not being the place for us, and thus we moved back to Oregon, choosing the lovely Rose City of Portland, where we have lived since.

We continue to have exciting times exploring our world, either through travel, SCUBA diving, putting on silly costumes in public, raising and loving our dogs (Foster, my he rest in peace, and now Banjo, please stop licking my face), making/keeping/losing friends, and adding onto the ever interesting and growing list of odd-jobs, careers and other financial misadventures.

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