Christopher Lowell’s 7 Layers of Design

Back in 1999, we were on vacation and watch the ____ show (can’t remember the name of the show, but it because the Christopher Lowell Show), and Christopher went over his general steps for redesigning a room.  We wrote them down then, and recently came across them again, so rather than keep the random piece of paper for another 9 years, I figured I’d blog it.  Obviously, this is already online at, but following is the basics:

  1. Paint and Architecture (moldings, mantel)
  2. Installed Flooring (any floor surface that is wall to wall)
  3. High Ticket Upholstery Items (sofa, love seat)
  4. Accent Fabrics (area rugs and drapes)
  5. Non-upholstered Furnishings (the work horses of the room, end tables, chairs, coffee tables)
  6. Accessories (pictures, mirrors, candlesticks)
  7. Plants and Lighting

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