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Just released! AgentWorx by Why am I telling you about it here? Because I coded it. is the client that commissioned the app that I’ve been working with for several months now.  I’m pretty proud of this app so check it out.  For anyone who may not find this useful as it is designed for realtors, there is a free version on iTunes.

Loan-U-Later 1.2.0

icon_lLoan-U-Later is a loan (such as mortgage) and investment calculator that can calculate many aspect of a loan or investment, including the interest rate, and total interest paid or total contribution made.  Loan-U-Later also features an amortization table for the currently calculation.

New features in version 1.2.0:

  • Change interface to tabbed style.
  • Added Setting to disable rotating background color.
  • New icon.
  • Now compatible with iPhone OS 2.1

Loan-U-Later is available on the iTunes App Store

Loan-U-Later’s support forum

Loan-U-Later iPhone App

Loan-U-Later is a simple loan/investment calculator that can calculate nearly any aspect of a loan/investment, including the interest rate.

Coming soon: amortization tables!

So don’t waste any time, go and get it at the iTunes App Store

The app’s website can be found here.

Wirez iPhone App

Yes, I wrote an iPhone app, a game called Wirez.  Here is the pitch:

Light the lights with Wirez! This puzzle games has you turning and swapping tiles to connect matching colored power cells and light bulbs.

Wirez has three game modes to challenge you:
– Timed Arcade: Work fast because these power cells are running out! Complete a circuit and another will pop up.
– Untimed Arcade: A more leisurely version where the power cells don’t run out.
– Untimed Puzzle: Complete all the circuits to go to the next level.  While simple at the beginning, this can get pretty tricky the more and more circuits there are.

All games are randomly generated, so there’s no end to the amount of fun.

So don’t waste any time, go and get it at the iTunes App Store

The app’s website can be found here.

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