What we didn’t do

No Thank You..

 We didn’t go see a black light version of the Broadway musical Cats. We kinda wanted to, cuz, dude! Black Light Version of Cats! And we kinda had plans to go see it, but then 45 minutes before the show we were in our hotel room and I said “Ok- lemme know when this gets annoying” and I started singing and repeating “OH NOW Never was there Ever a CAT so clever as Magical Mister Mestopholes” for about 4 rounds until Justin cut me off and said “Yeah, we’re not seeing Cats.

We had planed on seeing the Historical Fantasy Show, which we got a brochure for on the street. “Daily Shows” apparently means only Friday & Saturday. So, we were going to go see that on our anniversary on Tuesday, but alas, it didn’t happen. Brochure said something like Come eat the way that the medieval people did: with their hands! as you watch sword fighting, bundle up in firs, watch beautiful ladies dance and maybe ever get your fortune told by a palm reader! It sounded cheesy and kinda fun. Oh well… maybe a different time we’re in Prague on a Friday or Saturday.

We did not go ride in the horse drawn carriages. Although the horse are quite cute, they do smell like horse, and the horses in Prague were like us: rather gassy at times. All those dumplings and bacon wrapped pork medallions filled with camembert cheese in a onion and mushroom sauce. So good…

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