How We Voted (Updated)

Following is how we voted on some of the Candidates/Measures (& How Oregonians voted):

US PresidentBaraka Obama

US Senate – (Justin) Jeff Merkley, (Peggy) Steve Novick

US Representative, 3rd Dist. – Earl Blumenauer

Secretary of StateKate Brown

Attorney General – Greg Macpherson (John Kroger)

State Representative, 23rd Dist.Jackie Dingfelder

Multnomah Commissioner,  Dist. No. 3Judy Shiprack

Portland MayorSam Adams

Portland Commissioner No. 1 – (Justin) Jeff Bissonnette, (Peggy) Amanda Fritz

Portland Commissioner No. 2 – Nick Fish

Portland Commissioner No. 4 – Randy Leonard

State Measure 51 – NO (YES)

State Measure 52YES

State Measure 53 – (Justin) YES, (Peggy) NO – not yet determined.

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  • John Donovan says:

    Thanks for publishing clear comments on the State Measures, which are difficult to understand or find good information on elsewhere. The ballot items where you two SPLIT your votes are exactly the same ones where I am most undecided!

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