Rollin’ down the (Vltava) River…

Rollin’ down the (Vltava) River…

We went on a dinner cruise on the Vltava River (which the Moldau symphonic piece is written about) and sat at the table with 4 other tourists: Georgi and Tatiana (from Germany) and Juisette and Jeanne (from France). Tatiana could understand some English, but didn’t speak it very well, & Justin and I felt sorry for her not being able to join more freely. Georgi, Juisette, and Jeanne all spoke different levels of English, but much of the conversation was in scattered English and French, to which Georgi and I spoke a little. (je parle tres peu francaise)

It was amusing, because Jeanne wanted to practice her English, and I wanted to practice my French.

I heard and fully understood when she was asking Juisette in French “How do I say ‘I want to travel to Canada’?” (Common dit’on ‘je voudrais voygaer au Canada’?) and I said “I Understand you- yes- Canada.” It has helped in my resolve to pickup learning French because even though we’re in the Czech Republic speaking Czech (well, the locals are, at least), the fact that I knew some French helped in a 3 hour dinner cruise with 4 other strangers.

They were all very nice, and we exchanged contact into. So, should we ever end up in Frankfurt, Germany, or in Nice, France, we’ll have somewhere to stay! Awesome!

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