People Watching

I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner..

I’m not sure if my pen is frozen… nope, seems ok.
lots of dogs- no cats. lots of people. no sight of anyone wearing any flip-flops: too cold (see mention above of possible frozen pen).

We are currently sitting outside at a cafe, Justin drinking a diet Coke (Coke Light), and I am having some hot spiced wine.

The high for today is estimated at 5 C (41 F), low of 0 C (32 F). This cafe has fleece blankets for the customers, draped over the backs of the chairs. That is to say the *blankets* are draped over the chairs, not the customers. In the background is some mixture of Hindi-techno with the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” mashed up. Pretty upbeat.

There are propane torch heaters to keep us warm(er). I bought a really warm hat, and here’s what else I’m wearing: scarf, gloves, long johns & jeans, socks up to my knees, tank top, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, quilted vest with fuzzy hood, leather trenchcoat with quilted zip-in lining and I am still cold. I am, however in the Czech Republic in October, no surprise: it’s cold.

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