Gallery Plus 1.3.0

After several requests, I’ve made a few updates to Gallery Plus:

  • Added (actually changed) an option to allow the gallery to the images only, without a hyperlink.
  • Added an option to have the image title in the <a> tag.
  • Moved the gallery style to the header.

The update is uploaded and will show up at WordPress’s leisure.

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  • Marcus says:

    If you want exclude to actually work, you’ll need to change line 126 from

  • Justin says:

    That would exclude it by the photo’s ID. The current method excludes it by number of photo in the album, e.g. “1” excludes the first photo, “3” excludes the third.

  • Marcus says:

    Ah, I did not realize that. Perhaps a little clarification in your readme.txt file since the norm for an exclude in WordPress is always the ID. I do like your implementation better though.

  • whiffer says:

    thanks! worked great to get lightbox working on the wordpress gallery.

  • Ian says:

    How can I get it to use the caption from the image in wp 2.6, not the filename?

    thanks for a great plugin.

  • Justin says:

    Ian, do you mean for Lightbox to use the caption instead of the title? Gallery Plus currently sends the caption and title of the image as the alt and the title attributes, respectively, of the <img> tag. Depending on your version, Lightbox looks for it’s display title in various tags attributes. Thus you can either change which tag Lightbox looks in (edit lightbox.js) or you can change the contents of that tag (edit gallery-plus.php). I will consider adding an option to do this in the next update.

  • John Smolin says:

    Hi, this plugin was displaying only a single column of images no matter what columns was set to. I don’t know if it was my theme or if it’s a wordpress 2.6.3 incompatibility. The following diff fixes it for me, just pasted in from media.php. Does anyone understand what is going on here?


    > .gallery {
    > margin: auto;
    > }
    > .gallery-item {
    > float: left;
    > margin-top: 10px;
    > text-align: center;
    > width: {$itemwidth}%; }
    > .gallery img {
    > border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;
    > }
    > .gallery-caption {
    > margin-left: 0;
    > }

  • DCNY says:

    You save my day. Thank you for the awesome plugin

  • Jake says:

    Thanks for making this plugin, I couldnt believe they left out the option to link directly to an image in the built-in gallery shortcode. I made a really small change to allow me to select a thickbox overlay (which I like better than lightbox since it allows you to right click and view the image alone – at least in firefox). You may want to add the change so ive uploaded it

  • Jake says:

    I’ve also edited my gallery shortcode to include two new attributes pic and picsize which, if pic is set, will show only the picture that has pic for its title and is formatted with only and , this is really useful for me, and I’m not sure if its something you may want to add to this plugin.

  • Szymon says:

    Thanks for this plugin! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have one question – there is an option “exclude” but if I want to show only one photo (something like “include”) – what shoud I do?

  • Any live site used Gallery Plus?

  • TheFrosty says:

    I am using gallery plus plugin, but have noticed it seems not to work with the new 2.7 WordPress

  • TheFrosty says:

    I also hacked the code to use Thickbox3 plugin instead of the lighbox plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TheFrosty says:

    I do take that back, it is working properly, just need to adjust my thickbox to work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karl says:

    Thanks for this plugin! I am outputting all images attached to a page and running them through a slideshow script, which was working fine, but couldn’t get rid of image links. This plugin did the trick. Works fine for me on WP 2.7.

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