Gallery Plus 1.4.0

adminA new update to Gallery Plus (admin screen on right):

  1. Changed “rel value” options to support a variety of overlay options.
  2. Made CSS an editable setting in Gallery Plus Options.
  3. Added caption/title source options.
  4. Added adhoc shortcode (see above).
  5. Minor code changes.

The update is uploaded and will show up at WordPress’s leisure.

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Gallery Plus 1.3.0

After several requests, I’ve made a few updates to Gallery Plus:

  • Added (actually changed) an option to allow the gallery to the images only, without a hyperlink.
  • Added an option to have the image title in the <a> tag.
  • Moved the gallery style to the header.

The update is uploaded and will show up at WordPress’s leisure.

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Gallery Plus 1.1.0

I just updated Gallery Plus to version 1.1.0, and added some new features.  The changes are as follows:

  • Added [ gallery_excerpt ] shortcode to show one linked-image on multi-post pages.
  • Added “Only Show Gallery On Single Post:” option to hide the gallery on multi-post pages, which has the same effect as adding a <!– more –> tag before the gallery shortcode.
  • Fixed how the caption appears in the alt tag of the image.

The [ gallery_excerpt ] shortcode has several options:

  • orderby – specify the sort order used to display thumbnails. The default is “menu_order ASC, ID ASC”.
  • id – specify the post ID. The gallery will display images which are attached to that post. The default behavior if no ID is specified is to display images attached to the current post
  • size – specify the image size to use for the thumbnail display. Valid values include “thumbnail”, “medium” and “full”. The default is the size set in the Gallery Plus options.
  • imagenumber – specify which image from your sorted gallery to show. The default is “1”.
  • class – specify additional classes to assign to the image. The default is “alignleft”.

For more information about shortcodes, go to the Using the gallery shortcode.

Also, In the initial post about Gallery Plus, I did not mention the additional options to the [ gallery ] shortcode.  Both options default to the settings on the Gallery Plus options page.

  • link2full – specify if the links should go directly to the full resolution image.
  • overlay – specify which overlay system to use.

NOTE: all shortcode tags shown above have additional spaces between the brackets and text that should not be in your use of the shortcodes.

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Gallery Plus

The built-in WordPress gallery has some options that are accessable through the use of shortcodes, but if you do not know them or the proper input they can be hard to use.  Similarly, there is now wat to make system wide changes without having to use shortcodes on all your galleries.  This plug-in creates an options page for some of those shortcodes along with adding other features that can extend the gallery’s functionality.


  1. Copy ‘gallery-plus’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Change any settings through the Gallery Plus menu in the Admin section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Link Images To Full Resolution: do?

A: The default gallery creates links to posts with a medium-sized image with a link in it to the full resolution image.  This option cuts out the middle step, and directs the links directly to the full resolution image.  This can be very useful in congunction with the Insert “rel=…” Attribute In Link: option to get lightbox working properly.

Q: What does Insert “rel=…” Attribute In Link: do?

A: For javscript image overlay packages such as Lightbox to work properly, the links to images must have an attribute that tells the overlay to turn on.  Changing this selection will add the appropriate attributes where needed.  I know that the latest version of Lightbox 2 also does this, but it does not work well for galleries without modifying that plugin’s code.  THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT INSTALL ANY OVERLAY PACKAGES.

Q: When I change Insert “rel=…” Attribute In Link: to lightbox nothing happens.  Why?

A: As I said above, this plugin does not install any overlay packages, and those need to be installed independently.  I personally use a modified version of the Lightbox 2 plugin.


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