Twitter, Facebook and WordPress Integration

Following the suggestions on Dave Jeyes’s website, I’m attempting to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, which uses WordPress.  My goals are (1) when I post a new blog entry it shows up in both Twitter and Facebook, and (2) when I tweet or update my Facebook status it appears on the other, but not on the blog.

For goal #1 I installed Twitter Tools on this blog, which, with my settings, should post a tweet whenever I post a blog entry. I specifically chose not to have my tweets create blog posts.  What I’ll find out shortly is how much of that post is tweeted.

For goal #2 I installed the Twitter application on Facebook, which will cross post my tweets/status updates. What I’m hoping/expecting is that this app will also update facebook when a tweet is sent from the blog post.

So, did it work?  There should now be a tweet and a Facebook update linking to this post.

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  1. It was a pretty easy setup, and it works almost perfectly. I noticed that while updating Twitter correctly updated Facebook, the opposite did not happen. Maybe I have a setting wrong in the app.

  2. I realized that I use my blog, twitter (if I ever use it), and Facebook very differently. I just deactivated these various integration steps.

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